Tuesday, December 27, 2011


As all of us grow into ourselves we discover things that have always been obvious to others. Sometimes it takes a while to discover these things. And sometimes, like in my case, it takes a long LONG while.

What I'm getting at is I haven't realized how much I love being around other people. And how much I crave it when I don't have it. It dawned on me when I was locked away for hours on end studying ALL BY MY LONESOME this last crazy (18+ credit hours).

I like being around people. I like effecting people and being affected. And usually the only time I don't want to be around anyone is when I'm in pain. And believe me... you don't want to be around me when I'm in pain ;) I'm not very nice.

I just spent the last week with, can you guess? .... ding ding ding... yep my familia! And I think I figured out (something super obvious now that I think about it) why I crave people around me so much.

Let me just tell you... it's going to be pretty awesome so just get ready...................................

I am the middle child of SEVEN children.


Of course I crave people, and sometimes I really super crave attention. I honestly think all middle children crave attention. But I guess that's up for debate according to my old Human Development teacher.

Any who, I LOVE people.

AND I especially love my family. You really don't realize how good you have it till it's gone :(

What I'd give to be a kid again and have all my siblings at home running around like crazies :)
Those were the days!

I guess I just have my future family to look forward to. Except I don't think I can have 7 kids... that might be a little much for me :I

Till my next blog all ya'll

-Always Amber

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The new job

So I've worked at Bluehost now for a little over three months................ wow that happened fast. I must say I absolutely love it! It's the perfect job for me. I need to take pictures stat! Maybe I will once I get the Bluehost camera :)

I seriously feel so blessed to of gotten this job with how many people I was up against while interviewing... needless to say I'm so much better than all those other peeps ;) AND I don't think I'll blink a tear if Mr. Matt ever yells at me. So Hurrah for me!

So lets get down to the dirty details shall we?

Why I <3 my job:

*I love that I'm the purchaser & that I have my very own American Express card. I just feel so official with it :)

*I love that I get to buy all the food for the employees and switch it up every once in a while. The thank you's are non stop when I do. Especially if somethings a hit!

*I love LOVE <3 our massage therapist HEATHER {Insert heavenly angels singing here} she has done wonders for my neck!!!!!!! Thank you, Thanka you, THANK YOU whom ever made her a consistent visitor here :) :) :) >

*I love sneaking a peak at people playing CrAzY ping pong games. I never knew human beings could play so well.

*I love when my manager brings in her new little baby. Sophia is the cutest baby in the world. Seriously!

*I love the new friendships I've made with Laura, TR, David and the billing & renewal peeps.

*I love that I go to HR conferences and trainings with my boss.

*I love all the experience I'm getting in tons of different areas.

*I love that I get to move around the office a lot & get out of the office on a regular basis.

*I love getting to know the employees (YES even if 80% of them are uber dorky).

*I love that I've already gotten a raise! Wahoooooo!

*I love that everyone around me is pretty much my personal IT team (aka geek squad). I'm learning so much about computers.

*I LOVE that I can look forward to an AMAZING bonus this Christmas. No more hand towels thank you!

*I love that I have a Mac & a PC :)

*I love my amazing new desk (that's probably more expensive than my car).

*I love that my job is only 2 miles away (biking or running it takes me less than 30 minutes) and the AMAZING in house shower.

*I love our executives, they're so down to earth & funny. Makes my job so much less intimidating!

*I love that I practice my "ping pong" form when I'm walking around the office.

*I love my new "EASY" button that the staples guy brought in for me :) :) :)

*I love my new painting that Miglena donated! Such a gorgeous oil piece :)

*I love seeing Miglena walk by in her Oh so AdOrAbLe tennis outfits. I seriously am considering taking up tennis just to dress like her.

*I love lunches with the accounting team and riding with Miglena in her posh Mercedes.

*I love love LOVED driving Matt's BMW 8 series and can't wait to drive his Range Rover or Dodge Viper!

*I love that I'm getting a printer. I'm a HUGE fan of the scan to email feature. It's so high tech and green.

*I love getting to know the quirky people that work here...

*I love giving the PI tests (personality tests) and want to learn a lot more about it if I can :)

*I love how casual the dress is. Why? Because when I dress up I stand out and get a bazillion complements. And when I dress down it's just... nice :)

*I love that my desk overlooks the golf course and river... such a peaceful setting (side note: I have noticed A LOT of golfers are very well dressed and VERY attractive... from far away that is.) Plan on me picking up golf soon ;)

*I love my own personal strobe light. I get a kick when I turn it on, just for a minute though because who wants to go into seizure mode???

*I love running background checks... I feel like a total detective! Carmen SandiegOooo?

*I loved doing new hire orientation... yes I did it all by myself a couple times!

*I love that a tech left a book of computer jokes on my desk for me to read in my "spare time"... sadly I didn't really get most of them. Sorry I'm not a super geek yet!

*I love the ICE machine in the break room. Mmmmmmm Ice :)

*And finally I LOVE that I'm so busy. I'd so much rather have a busy productive day at work than tons of down time. Feeling needed & useful is the best thing ever :)

Things that I'm not fond of:

*I don't love that I've gained some weight here... yes... Free food in the break room will do that to you! That and Sams club pretzels being so close.

*I don't love that I no longer work close to other people, as in sitting in close proximity to other people. I never realized how much I would miss having someone over my shoulder.

* And finally (then I'll stop whining) I wish there were more single girls around my age working here. It's cool being friends with married peeps, but It'd be nice to have a close gal pal at work. Maybe eventually... we are always hiring :)

Over all this was the perfect move for me. I'm so much happier here. It's heaven sent really. I feel so lucky. I've decided I want to start playing foosball on my lunch... or have a friendly game of ping de pong :) I'll have to update on that!

I'll get some pictures up soon. Hopefully... if I get some time ;)

Till my next post.


Monday, April 5, 2010

La vita รจ bella

Life is beautiful!

Lately I've been reminded how precious our time on this earth truly is & of how truly blessed I am. Life IS beautiful! The pains & the sorrows, the joys & the progress made all together are truly what makes this life a beautiful one!
I've been learning more about the law of attraction lately & have truly converted over. With conference this last weekend & everything that has happened these past couple weeks in my life I know without a doubt the Lords hand is truly in our lives.

So I choose to pay it forward & hope you do as well. Let's help each other live this life beautifully!

"There are two secrets, the first is wake up in the morning and be grateful you are here, alive & healthy. And the second is: Give." -Giselle Bundchen

I love you all! Know that!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Amber + Summer time hobby = Amazing dresses!

Last Saturday I went to a Shabby Apple Trunk Show & just about died with all the amazingness within. If you don't know what Shabby Apple is, it's a company that makes a lot of really cute modest dresses. And if you don't know what a Trunk show is, it's a fancy way of saying an internet based company brings products to your area to check out/try on. :) So anyways, I was at the trunk show trying on all these dresses, a lot of which I FELL IN LOVE with instantly, but they were all quite expensive, as in 70+ for your average item. I bought one, it was on sale so it was justifiable & was most definitely NOT $70.00. So I'm leaving the show with my new purchase in tow (which looks quite ravishing on I might add) thinking, "Hey, didn't I sew all through high school, and don't I know how to make pretty much any of those dresses in there. And didn't I keep on thinking about little things that would make each dress better while trying them on."Yep, Yes & Quite so. So here's the deal, I'm going to be making my own dresses from here on out. Unless something is super cheap and AMAZING on at Ross or something, then I'll fork out the deniros. But from now on I'm going to be creating dresses just for me. Maybe it will turn into more later on, due to my impeccable taste and skill ;) Who knows :)

Here are a few samples of some dresses I love LOVE <3

I'll probably just add sleeves to this one & raise the neckline a bit! I want to get this EXACT color if at all possible!

I've always wanted to make a black lace dress.

I think what I'll make is a combination of these two dresses, The sleeves etc. of the dress above and then the length and pattern in lace of the one below.

This dress would be so cute shortened with sleeves would it not?
Ohhh I love the scalloped lace neckline on this dress!!!

This one is just for fun :)

This color is AMAZING!!! I'm not necessarily going to make it a long dress, or use the pattern for the top half of the dress AT ALL, but I love the ruching (however you spell that!) and the draping in the back of the dress! So elegant!

So I've been meaning to have a blood red swanky dress for a while, I'm not sure I'm going to go quite as formal as the first picture, but I may. As for the other pictures, I really only like the striped/stacked look on the right. I think it would be fun, and I could use a fun stretchy fabric.

I love the oversized lace used in the bodice and the hem. It's So fun and springy.

Oh Penelope, you make us all want to be Latin! I like the dress she's wearing, none of the silly ones off to the side. I'd probably just add sleeves. I love the color!

I like the way the skirt falls with this one. I'm not a huge fan of the sheerness or long sleeves, but the color & Ruching in the front is fun!

This dress is just for fun! There is no way in hades I would be able to make this look amazing and modest at the same time. I am however; quite literally in love with this dress. If I wasn't LDS & if I looked as amazing as Giselle I would wear this dress every day! Haha not really. But I think it's a gorgeous design..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saturday morning class, what was I thinking?!?!?!

So lately I've had one thing on my mind. And it involves strapping a board to my feet and pushing myself down a mountain on some amazing Utah snow!

I have YET to get myself on the mountain this season and it's been killing me!

Helmet --- check
Sweet A board --- check
Amazing snow gear --- check
Boots ---
Time ---

So I guess until spring break or until I can get a day off work I will be board free :(

I need to get on this issue and find a solution. The first step is admitting the problem, so haha check!

Until I get out on those lovely slopes though I can look at some awesome photos.


How hott is that???

So pretty!

The slopes without me :(


The only time snow is acceptable :)

How awesome is this photo!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Everything is better when it's warmer!!! Why do I live in UT again???

Even though summer is quite a few months from now I have already started a plan for the warm season! A change in hair color!

This last summer I converted to a fiery red head for the season, but this summer I'm going all the way. I am going Blonde!!!

I know what image came to your mind. Some platinum blonde with fake n' bake skin and black eye brows. Don't worry!!! I will do this very classily (is that even a word?).

I know this is so cliche and lame of me, but here is a picture of Kim Kardashian from summer 09' when she went blonde. This is the look I'm going to go for :)

Kim's natural color is very dark just like mine, so I think I'll be able to swing this look off. I'll do my research and get lots of opinions first too... of course.

So any who... just have to suffer through these last few months of winter. But now I can look forward to my blondie locks of summer 2010 :)

Bye for now!